For Law Enforcement


Do you really have to retire from a life of keeping the peace to live through a retirement without it? Can you retire better?

As someone who has been sworn to “protect and serve” the public, you have put yourself in harm’s way every minute of every day to live up to your commitment. You have worked endless tours at great risk so that others may live peaceful lives.

To the public, you really are a “peace officer”... you bring peace to lives at risk.It’s what you do every day.Your unselfish risk gives others unqualified peace of mind.

Thank you for your service.

But, who do you have helping you make your retirement less stressful?



  • Helps protect you from the financial risks that challenge every retiree?
  • Helps protect you from the threats that jeopardize your retirement peace?
  • Can offer you options to lead you away from the dangers that lurk in the financial darkness?
  • Helps make your retirement more relaxing and not just more of the risk you endured every day while on the force?


Did you know that you can find less worry in retirement?There are people out there with the right policies and procedures to show you how.You’ve worked hard for years to protect everybody else’s assets.Now you can let someone help protect yours.


Your Retirement is our beat.


For over 40 years we've conducted exit interviews with expectant law enforcement retirees.  We're prepared to address a number of vital topics including pension options, final pension withdrawals, deferred compensation options, and the union annuity fund options.

Don't make the move to retirement alone, call us for backup.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck